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La Cuadra Magazine is a bimonthly compendium of writing that does not suck. There is beautifully crafted satire. There is insightful political analysis. There is sublimely rendered art criticism. There are personal essays and creative non-fiction that will shake your soul and make you feel born anew. There are dick jokes. There is much of great value in La Cuadra Magazine, a projected started by Michael Tallon and John Rexer eight years ago, after sharing a bottle of mezcal late one night in Antigua, Guatemala and before the following morning’s hangover kicked it, and in all the time since, we’ve been running strong. Every issue is fresh. Every issue is challenging. Every issue is funny as hell. Moreover, you have our word, no matter what is written in La Cuadra Magazine, it WILL NOT SUCK. Promise.

In this issue you will find:

"Why Nothing Works." This story by our very own Victor Ruiz is a brave exploration of corruption and impunity in Guatemalan presidential politics, offered just as the 2015 election season is about to take off. It is a story of great national interest if you happen to live down here, as we do. But even for those living in more functional democracies, you will no doubt sense some chilling resonance of conditions in your own nations. The bifurcating of societies into a class of untouchable, uber-rich elites and a class of peons is the death of representative government. Guatemala should serve as warning. Moreover, the introduction of the concept of "The Hollow State," is, in and of itself, worth the price of admission. It just explains so much, so well, both in Central America and in an increasing number of societies in the supposed First World.

The Surly Bartender got a thorn in his serving paw a few weeks ago when news concerning the utterly condemnable Richard Nixon crossed the wires. Herein is a summation of the case against that SoB and how he was guilty, with no hyperbole or bullshit, of actual, punishable-by-death treason for his actions to scuttle a peace accord with North Vietnam in 1968 when he was a private citizen. If you don't know the story, it is a must read. If you do, then just enjoy it for the language. Here's one of at least a dozen cockle-warming pull-quotes, designed for your reading pleasure: "What Woodward and Bernstein found on him, what was enough to run him from the presidency, only scratched the surface of his warty, beshitted soul."

Editor-in-Chief Michael Tallon also opens up with a soul (and genitals) exposing story about the time when his girlfriend walked out on him, leaving behind a room full of stoned, drunk clowns. The story is a short hit-and-run, what will leave you laughing. So long as you don't think too hard about our poor protagonist standing there naked in the hallway.

We're also featuring a killer story this month by Jeff Abbott, a young, freelance journalist who stepped a bit over the line for the like of the Mexican authorities, who had him kidnapped by the police, beaten and left in the middle of nowhere with all of his stuff stolen. Here he tells the story, brilliantly, about his quest to get that stuff back. It turns out to be a beautifully human story about how folks, pretty much wherever you find them, are decent. Unless they are government bureaucrats, in which case they are maddeningly robotic, seemingly to a fault. His story makes Mexico seen like the world's largest department of motor vehicles. Totally worth the read!

If you're keeping up with (or want to jump in one) La Cuadra's running commentary on ObamaCare / the ACA in context, Jim Tallon offers another eminently readable essay on where we are and where we go from here. We stand by our earlier claims that we're doing the best running commentary on the process anywhere in world. Dig it.

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La Cuadra Magazine September / October 2014 (Michael Tallon) pdf, epub, doc

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