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An eBook single from the author of the novels THE GOOD AND THE GHASTLY (Scribner, 2011) and MVP (Scribner, 2007).

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A dark, comic story about a guy's relationship with his childhood best friend, a notorious, iconic, American superstar known as The GOAT (The Greatest of All Time). As kids they were both great, but as adults their lives have turned out very differently. It’s a troubled relationship, though not as troubled as the one they have with themselves. Esquire magazine, on the author: "The New Voice."


The GOAT and I grew up together. Northern Virginia—a land without a place. We were ballplayers. Baseball was our place. This was the 1970s. We met in T-ball. We were six. Same birthday. Starting at age eight we won four straight Little League state championships. Professional scouts were coming to look at us when we were ten years old. The GOAT was the only black kid on every team he played on, in every classroom he sat in. I was good. I was really, really good. Better than the GOAT. Except for my speed and my ability to hit a baseball very hard and very far and very consistently and to even hit it in whatever direction I wanted it to go, and to throw a baseball very hard and very far and with precise accuracy and to know by instinct how a ball would bounce off an opposing player’s bat, even as the pitch was still being delivered, so as to be able to run toward that spot with my incredible speed and wait for it to land in my glove, except for all that I was unexceptional. Subpar intelligence and mediocre personality and sense of humor that no one in the world seemed to share. Off the baseball field I would disappear in the haze of the middle. In school I was another faceless, nameless fleshy little human-like form seated at one of those elementary school desks with the storage cubby beneath the Formica-type faux-wood writing surface. No particular opinions or tastes. The GOAT was never just anybody. He always had opinions. His personality was usually repellent but at least it was a personality. Being black in that town he never disappeared. And he was born into a lineage of royalty. His father played for the Yankees. Played is an understatement. His father is in the Hall of Fame. If he were alive still and were to walk into the room you are in right now you would know at once who he is.He never knew the GOAT, had always denied he was his. And the GOAT denied it too. Everybody knew the truth though. ...

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The GOAT, The Goat (James Boice) pdf, epub, doc

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